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Tenderness, Spirit, and Africa Rising

Our June events, held at the beautiful Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Los Angeles, were potent and far-reaching explorations of healing and possibility.

Impact 2022: Social Healing through Creativity

There is no denying that young people today face extraordinary obstacles that have deepened social isolation and magnified collective trauma, from racial violence and climate crisis, to a global pandemic and “comparison culture” emboldened by social media.

A Changing Landscape at The New School

We continue to hold our focus on nature, culture, and inner life—with a strong commitment to conversations of depth that foster a collective search for meaning.

In Gratitude: in Gallery Commonweal

It’s very much part of the culture that spawned numerous creativity manuals and classes that suggested that anyone could paint or make things or draw—without formal education.

Healing with Cancer: Work at the Heart of Commonweal

It is just that a cancer diagnosis carries a particular freight in our culture that deepens the wound and deepens the capacity for soul response. We held our first week-long Cancer Help Program retreat in October 1976.


Miwok Culture. The land where Commonweal sits was, for thousands of years, the home of the Coast Miwok people. May our words and visions join with those who came before us and be medicine for the brokenness of time, place, and peoplehood.

Healing Circles in Europe and Beyond

As we trained people to host healing circles from all over Europe, South Africa, India, Vietnam, Singapore, and Australia, we learned about our cultural differences and the things we all have in common.

Sharing Spiritual Heritage

We will access patterns within our culture to interrupt and/or nurture. As we incorporate new ways of being, we will explore practical theories, not only for dismantling oppression, but also for regenerating new structures for sustainability.

Meet the Commonweal Staff: Doron Hovav

In Sonoma County, Doron took on being a producer for a documentary series about American culture through the prism of people and the food they make.