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20 hours ago


We Can Do Hard Things

From Commonweal Kids and Caregivers Program Director Nancy Netherland:

“On the eve of the Covid-19 pandemic’s full arrival in my country and less than 24-hours into the ‘shelter in place order’- I am reflecting on how we can do impossibly hard things. I am reflecting on how we can face the fear of the unknown, because we can (as my beloved yoga teacher reminds us in practice) do hard things.

We can do hard things and still be kind. We can do hard things and be grateful. We can do hard things even when we are scared for ourselves and those we love. We can compassion hard for other people.

I know this because I have had a lot of practice — in the past six years or so both my kids faced incurable life-threatening illnesses, both my parents were in critical care, my sister got cancer, and I lost my husband. Hard things.”

#commonweal #resilience #kidsandcaregivers

2 days ago


Nourish yourself with soup!

Join this free online course from Commonweal Cancer Help Program staffer, artist, and cookbook author Rebecca Katz:

“In times like these, when we feel the world is spinning out of control, one thing we can do is nourish ourselves and our families by preparing healthy, delicious meals. And for me, it’s all about soup. In my family, soup season is year-round, but especially during those ‘shoulder seasons’ of fall and spring. The rhythm of cooking can be calming and soothing, as we bring all our senses to bear on the task at hand - especially during these anxious times. Cooking is a way to feel empowered while nourishing ourselves, our families and communities.

In that spirit, we would like to offer you our self-paced Clean Soups Online Course for FREE through the end of April. Just click on the link below to register for the course.”
Click on the green “add coupon”
Use the coupon code BEWELL

#commonweal #healingsoups #rebeccakatz #healingkitchens

3 days ago


Living Well: Dr. Anna O'Malley Makes Recommendations for Taking Care of Ourselves In the Time of COVID-19

Dr. Anna O'Malley, Director of Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine at Commonweal Garden, is an integrative physician, mom, and part of our Commonweal family. Here, she offers practical advice for living well and protecting our bodies and souls during this time of COVID-19 sheltering-in-place. Find out more about Anna's work at Natura and read her blog on their website: .

#commonweal #COVID-19 #livingwell #naturainstitute #voicesfromcommonweal

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