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Offering integrative healing programs for people with cancer, health professionals, and the rest of us.

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Building learning communities based in creative dialogue to deepen our vision and help resolve our differences.
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Helping to build a just, peaceful, and resilient world where our children may grow free and strong.
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VTS trained over 1000 educators this year. We've got numbers that show our reach. AND we have amazing stories from teachers like Leslie, in Oakland, CA. We are grateful for the opportunity to do this work. "I have many students who have experienced hardships in addition to having a disability. A 5th grader who had experienced a significant amount of trauma in her life loved VTS. I used VTS as a starting point for writing. We would use the VTS protocol and then from there create an oral story about the poster. From there the students wrote a narrative. This particular fifth grade student wrote the most compelling story about the Frida Kahlo poster, and had previously never produced any academic work like that story...ever. Using VTS opened doors and turned on lights for her! This was a student that had struggled in life, as well as academically. This was a turn around experience for her. She went onto middle school and finished high school with a confidence in her ability to succeed. She recently came back to visit me and she was in college! VTS gives all students a moment of success...every single time." #VoicesofVTS #ShowUsYourVTS #Imnotcryingyourecrying

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Amber joined the VTS team this year and has wasted no time getting to know and love our growing community! What do you love about VTS? Let us know by November 30 (and get free posters by filling out this form:!) #voicesofvts #showusyourvts #futureofvts