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The New School Event
Mar 29, 2023 at Virtual Event via Zoom

Making Space for Indigenous Voices: Sharing Our Stories with the World / Waubgeshig Rice and Host Christine Luckasavitch

West Marin Climate Action Event
Mar 30, 2023 at Virtual Event via Zoom

Preparing For Disasters from Atmospheric Rivers

Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine Event
Mar 31 to Apr 2, 2023 at Commonweal Garden

Elemental Medicine – Spring 2023

The New School Event
Apr 4, 2023 at Virtual Event via Zoom

Resurrecting Ourselves: Reclaiming Parts of Ourselves that We’ve Left Behind / Rachel Naomi Remen and Karen Drucker

Visual Thinking Strategies Event
Apr 5 to Apr 26, 2023 at Virtual Event via Zoom

VTS / Look Club – Online – April 2023 (FREE)

Gallery Commonweal

Carol Duchamp: Dance Me to the End of Time
April 22, 2023

Carol Duchamp: Dance Me to the End of Time

My approach as an intuitive painter highlights the freedom and magic of unplanned process. Colors mingle and transform in a wordless unfolding of momentary experience. A synergistic dance between body, mind, spirit, water, pigment, and paper takes place. Each painting is a unique improvisation honoring the mystery of being that lies at the heart of creativity and consciousness. Though indeterminacy and chance play a role; craft and faith in the co-arising outcome are ever present. I fell in love with color as a child free to roam and witness mother nature’s exquisite palette. At summer camp, in a state of childlike wonder and enhanced perception, I once beheld the iridescent blue of a racer snake against the green of grass. Color sidled up against color. The play of color in nature is dynamic, similar to the blending of pigment directly on pre-soaked paper.

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