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Youth and Creativity

Youth and Creativity. Who do we want to be? About This Initiative. We offer creative spaces to learn and grow. How can we provide more authentic, supportive communities for young people?

Chickening In at Power of Hope Youth Camp

Chickening In at Power of Hope Youth Camp. by. Kyra Epstein, Commonweal. September 12, 2023. It’s the night of the open mic at Power of Hope youth camp. We all gather in the Commonweal meadow.

Impact 2022: Social Healing through Creativity

Andrew Nalani, Claudia Pineda, and Larisa Benson, Partners for Youth Empowerment. January 8, 2023.


Chickening In at Power of Hope Youth Camp. Read. Community. Youth. Arts and Creativity. Gallery. September 11, 2023. Waz Thomas: Making the Cut. Read. Arts and Creativity. News. September 2, 2023. Tenderness, Spirit, and Africa Rising. Read. Justice.

Unleashing Creative Power

Partners for Youth Empowerment Joins Commonweal. by Larisa Benson, Executive Director, Partners for Youth Empowerment.

Welcome to Commonweal

Youth and Creativity. Who do we want to be? View. Our Programs. We are home to more than 25 diverse programs. We engage in wide-ranging fields.

An Antidote to Loneliness

Soundcloud. , as well as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music).In some ways, what was happening at Commonweal a few weeks before the conversation—our Power of Hope youth camp—was part of the antidote.

About Commonweal

The Power of Hope camp at our Bolinas site empowers youth ages 14-18 to unleash their positive potential through art, music, and movement. Healing Circles. United States, Europe, Israel, and Indonesia.

Impact 2023: International Fellows Navigate the Polycrisis

Journalist Damián Andrada leads a journalism training program for indigenous youth in Latin America. This is a small sampling of the extraordinary work of ORA Fellows. Collectively, they share a commitment to making the polycrisis comprehensible.


She is fueled by a bubbly type A personality, love of spreadsheets, and passion for working alongside youth. Website. Burr Heneman. Co-founder, Commonweal. Advisor, Environmental Health. Burr Heneman.