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Light Is Returning

Anna O'Malley. , MD, Director, Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine. It is January of 2021. I feel myself at an inflection point, nested within a societal inflection point.

An Antidote to Loneliness

Rachel Naomi Remen—the writer, physician, mentor and co-founder of the Commonweal Cancer Help Program. The conversation between Dr. Murthy and Dr.

Pete Myers: Bird Life on the Beach

Feeding, Fighting, Flocking and Frolicking: Photographic Insights into Shorebird Natural History. Georgia O’Keefe taught us not just to look, but to see the beauty of nature in its intimate details.

Youth and Creativity

Youth and Creativity. Who do we want to be? About This Initiative. We offer creative spaces to learn and grow. How can we provide more authentic, supportive communities for young people?


May our words and visions join with those who came before us and be medicine for the brokenness of time, place, and peoplehood. Our Bolinas Location.

Healing with Care and Community

Many find greater strength, clarity, and purpose in their lives. The CCHP is the greatest work I have ever been given to do. It is soul work.

Tenderness, Spirit, and Africa Rising

We were early in the pandemic, shocked and galvanized by the murder of George Floyd, and I recognized that my own need and desire for healing and liberation was connected to a larger, collective need.


Omar is building a gratitude ecosystem and regenerative economy. He was the founding executive director of RiverLA and now works entrepreneurially at the intersection of nature, culture and finance.

Healing Circles in Europe and Beyond

Berliners Leona Petereit, Susanne Fest, Max Schwindt, and Franziska Musche, with Diana Lindsay (US). In 2015, I met the co-founders of. Healing Circles Langley. : Diana and Kelly Lindsay and Michael Lerner.