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Healing Circles: A Full First Year

A growing and committed group of people, with a tremendous amount of personal and professional experience in serving others, have joined the trainings from more than. 37 of the United States, six Canadian provinces, and 26 other countries on six continents.

Wayfinders: New Ways of Being in the World

Rako Fabionar, Director, Innovative Learning and Living Institute. April 29, 2023. It’s humbling and gratifying when a new endeavor exceeds expectations.

New Frontiers for SafetyNEST

Despite women being highly motivated to avoid chemical exposure and safeguard their health and that of their children, a lack of training, tools, and expertise among most reproductive health professionals has meant that not many advisors counsel pregnant women

Youth and Creativity

Youth and Creativity. Who do we want to be? About This Initiative. We offer creative spaces to learn and grow. How can we provide more authentic, supportive communities for young people?

Healing Circles in Europe and Beyond

This was a crucial turning point in my life, and I’ve been involved in the development and growth of Healing Circles Langley and. Healing Circles Global. ever since.

A Healing Circle for Europeans

Barbara met Commonweal Cancer Help Program Medical Director Rachel Naomi Remen years ago, visited Commonweal in 2005 to train in the Healer’s Art program, and then heard the call during the pandemic for virtual Healing Circles training and joined in.

Healing with Care and Community

This year we added: ten new reviews of complementary therapies; three new stories from cancer survivors; two updated and expanded cancer handbooks on breast cancer and prostate cancer; and two updated and expanded handbooks on managing pain and hot flashes.

Tenderness, Spirit, and Africa Rising

We were early in the pandemic, shocked and galvanized by the murder of George Floyd, and I recognized that my own need and desire for healing and liberation was connected to a larger, collective need.

Meet the Commonweal Staff: Doron Hovav

This month, meet Doron Hovav. , Commonweal Event and Database Coordinator. At Commonweal, Doron coordinates events that happen on our site and provides support to programs who use the Commonweal database for accounting, fundraising, and events planning.