Amber Faur

Amber Faur serves as program and events manager for the Center for Creative Community at Commonweal, and also provides strategic support in operations and finance. She lives in Sebastopol with her teenage son, where they farm poultry.

Anna O'Malley

Director, Natura Institue for Ecology and Medicine
Anna is the founder and director of the Natura Institue for Ecology and Medicine at Commonweal Garden. Shea also practices Integrative Family and Community Medicine in West Marin. A Bravewell Fellow graduated from the University of Arizona’s Program in Integrative Medicine, Anna is inspired by working to transform medicine.
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Angela Oh

Teacher, Spirit of Compassion Project
Angela is a teacher in Commonweal's Gift of Compassion program and the former executive director of the Western Justice Center Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advances peaceful resolution of conflict.

Arlene Allsman

Chief Operating Officer; Coordinator, Cancer Help Program
Arlene Allsman is Commonweal’s managing director and chief operating officer. She is also the coordinator for the Commonweal Cancer Help Program. Arlene joined Commonweal in 2007.  

Ayn Plant

Office Manager
Ayn became the office manager at Commonweal in November 2012 shortly after her family moved backed to California. Ayn is a Californian who spent 25 years in Rhode Island. She served as the assistant business manager in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Rhode Island.
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Beth Setrakian

Board of Directors
Beth is a pastry chef, entrepreneur, and the owner and executive chef of Beth's Kitchen for more than 20 years. A 17-year resident of Bolinas, Beth has served on Commonweal's board of directors since 2006.