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Fostering Resilience

Fostering Resilience. Cultivate resilience in your self and your community. About This Initiative. We can adapt to these wild times. Commonweal programs embrace resilience in many dimensions, from inner to outer and from local to global.

Hands to Earth: On-the-Ground Resilience at Commonweal

Hands to Earth: On-the-Ground Resilience at Commonweal. February 7, 2024. Have you heard of The Resilience Project at Commonweal? It’s one of our core resilience programs. It started just a few years ago and has been quietly gaining momentum.


Resilience. News. March 25, 2024. New Narratives for Wild Times. Read. Resilience. Learning and Training. News. March 18, 2024. Shadowing A Mystic. Read. Community. Retreats and Hospitality. Inner Life. Gallery. February 19, 2024.

Impact 2022: Omega—Navigating the Global Polycrisis

Omega Resilience Awards and Research Grants. The Omega Resilience Awards (ORA) fellowship program supports young visionary leaders in the Global South.

New Narratives for Wild Times

Commonweal’s latest resilience project fosters a global community of practice.

Welcome to Commonweal

Fostering Resilience. Cultivate resilience in your self and your community. View. Youth and Creativity. Who do we want to be? View. Our Programs. We are home to more than 25 diverse programs. We engage in wide-ranging fields.

Impact 2023: International Fellows Navigate the Polycrisis

We are holding these questions with 21 Omega Resilience Awards fellows who are working across the Global South. The Omega Resilience Awards (ORA) came to life in 2023, as the first program to be launched from our Omega program.

The Year of the Polycrisis

Cascade Institute. as a recipient of one of our Omega Resilience Award Research Grants.

Conversation with Terry Tempest Williams

She tirelessly advocates for a path to resilience for the Great Salt Lake, for the lake birds and animals that rely on its ecosystem, and for the people that have lived on those shores for centuries.

About Commonweal

We catalyze more than 40 programs that offer healing, build resilience, and work toward justice. Our programs engage with science and research, encourage collaboration, and host events that help our communities connect, grow, reflect, and learn.