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A Changing Landscape at The New School

We continue to hold our focus on nature, culture, and inner life—with a strong commitment to conversations of depth that foster a collective search for meaning.

Pete Myers: Bird Life on the Beach

Pete Myers: Bird Life on the Beach. by. Pete Myers. November 14, 2022. November 13, 2022 - January 13, 2023. Feeding, Fighting, Flocking and Frolicking: Photographic Insights into Shorebird Natural History.

Fostering Resilience

Commonweal programs embrace resilience in many dimensions, from inner to outer and from local to global. We provide trusted information, thoughtful reflections and practical tools.

Sacred Space as Medicine

When we respond with a "yes" we can begin to trust our inner voices. Mind you, I have also answered many calls from my inner self which did not so obviously change my life.


Our programs host hundreds of events, circles, workshops, and classes a year, offering community, training, conversation, cutting-edge information, and spaces to find inner and outer resilience. Featured Program Events. More Events.

A Healing Circle for Europeans

“It’s kind of like the ‘University of Life:’ You learn to listen to others and, so, to listen to yourself, to your needs, to your sorrows, to your deep inner self.

Conversation with Terry Tempest Williams

In a January conversation, the first large New School gathering in our gallery since COVID, Terry and Michael explored her journey of inner resilience throughout decades of grappling with loss in the ecosystems she loves—but also in her family's dance with

Shadowing A Mystic

I love to imagine this small structure holding so much love and life force in its energy field. As Michael Lerner says, Jenepher is one of the people that holds the mystic and reflective center of Commonweal.

The Commonweal Way: Letter from Michael Lerner

The rush and pressure of modern life are a form, perhaps the most common form, of its innate violence.