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What Makes A Healing Circle?

Early on in Commonweal’s history, Co-Founder Michael Lerner and Rachel Naomi Remen, founder of the Healer’s Art and best-selling author of. Kitchen Table Wisdom. , realized the wisdom of the circle and brought it into the realm of healing.

Healing Circles: A Full First Year

A growing and committed group of people, with a tremendous amount of personal and professional experience in serving others, have joined the trainings from more than. 37 of the United States, six Canadian provinces, and 26 other countries on six continents.

Youth and Creativity

Youth and Creativity. Who do we want to be? About This Initiative. We offer creative spaces to learn and grow. How can we provide more authentic, supportive communities for young people?

Pete Myers: Bird Life on the Beach

And each depicts a part of the natural history of northern California’s sandy beaches. These photographs capture vibrant details of the life of birds living, fighting, feeding and dying on the beaches of Point Reyes and Bodega Bay.

Transforming the Way Prisoners Die

To help promote a social movement that advocates for just treatment of prisoners, especially at the end-of-life, Humane works to raise stakeholder awareness and increase education about the needs of the aging and dying in prison, an important step toward the

Winter Letter from Michael Lerner

Many of you will be receiving a letter in the mail soon from our president and co-founder, Michael Lerner. He writes these letters twice a year, in the summer and winter.


Enjoy dramatic coastal views, scents of pine and cypress, and sounds of bird song and surf from the forest on our bluff. Pacific House. Pacific House Details. 12-20 person capacity. 8 double, 4 single beds. 12 bedrooms. 5 bathrooms.


May our words and visions join with those who came before us and be medicine for the brokenness of time, place, and peoplehood. Our Bolinas Location.

Tenderness, Spirit, and Africa Rising

We were early in the pandemic, shocked and galvanized by the murder of George Floyd, and I recognized that my own need and desire for healing and liberation was connected to a larger, collective need.