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Healing with Care and Community

Healing with Care and Community. January 8, 2024. We recently completed our 221st Commonweal Cancer Help Program (CCHP). It was a beauty. Due to COVID-19 we have a shorter waiting list now. So we. strongly encourage.

Fostering Resilience

Cultivate resilience in your self and your community. About This Initiative. We can adapt to these wild times. Commonweal programs embrace resilience in many dimensions, from inner to outer and from local to global.


Our programs host hundreds of events, circles, workshops, and classes a year, offering community, training, conversation, cutting-edge information, and spaces to find inner and outer resilience. Featured Program Events. More Events.


Community. Retreats and Hospitality. Inner Life. Gallery. February 19, 2024. Cynthia Fletcher: Life's Force. Read. No items found. News. February 7, 2024. Hands to Earth: On-the-Ground Resilience at Commonweal. Read. Community. Resilience. News.

Light Is Returning

Our Community Medicine Circles, once held in the yurt in the Garden, now on Zoom, serve this function.

Introducing Commonweal Northwest

As of November 2022, Commonweal officially has a new physical home in the Pacific Northwest–an incredible gift from Kelly and Diana Lindsay and the entire Langley, Washington, community.

An Antidote to Loneliness

From alumni of the Cancer Help Program, we hear that Commonweal is their home and their community.

Hands to Earth: On-the-Ground Resilience at Commonweal

We are grateful the Marin Community Foundation has made a truly significant initial grant supporting our efforts to pursue public funds for our microgrid and other dimensions of the resilience hub.

Visiting the Sanctuary at Cañón de Alacrán

Following a Fall Gathering at Commonweal, our community formed a bond with a shelter operated by the Embajadores de Jesús church in Cañón de Alacrán (Scorpion Valley) outside of Tijuana.

Welcome to Commonweal

Welcome to our community. We are a center for healing ourselves and the planet. Our Programs. Let's get straight to the work. How We Work. For almost 50 years, Commonweal has supported people with vision and dedication.