The New School at Commonweal

Imagine that you could be part of a conversation with best-selling journalist and author Michael Pollan; watch interviews with integrative physicians like Rachel Naomi Remen, Donald Abrams, or Mark Renneker; or hear “spiritual biography” conversations with social change-makers like Nipun Mehta, Alnoor Ladha, and Mary Evelyn Tucker. 

Imagine that you were a member of a community that formed around these gatherings, and that the place where you gather is a place of beauty and quiet power. Imagine that—and you have discovered The New School at Commonweal. 

The New School presents conversations, readings, and performances with thought- and action-leaders of our time. Our community—more than 5,000 people in the Bay Area and around the world—gathers for conversations, book signings, art, and lectures. Most of our events are free, and so are our podcasts and videos—more than 250 on iTunes, Soundcloud, Vimeo, YouTube, and our website Library. 

The New School focuses on the emergent, seeking out those who are bringing discussion, beauty, and change to the world. We present events in many areas: arts and sciences, health and the environment, and the inner life. We follow streams of inquiry, including our End-of-Life Conversations as well as series on Community Resilience, Archetypal Psychology, Spiritual Biography, and Enneagram. There are no required beliefs or perspectives, and we aren’t afraid to ask the difficult questions. Whether it is grief, or joy, or wonder, we are enriched by sharing the exploration together.

The New School was founded and is directed by Michael Lerner and coordinated by Kyra Epstein.

Welcome to The New School at Commonweal.