SafetyNEST Science is a one-stop, personalized health education platform that is designed to transform prenatal care. We equip health providers and every pregnant woman with a toolkit to reduce diseases linked to toxic chemical exposure. Our mission is to become the ‘go to’ trusted source for every pregnant woman and her health provider to safeguard a baby’s health against toxic chemical exposure.

Every day, we are awash in chemicals. There are 85,000 of them surrounding us in everything from our bed mattress to our hand lotion. But the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires toxicity testing on just 200. That leaves 99% to do their thing. And evidence increasingly shows that exposure to these chemicals, particularly during vulnerable periods of development, can cause problems from preterm birth, birth defects, childhood asthma and obesity to a range of cancers.

You might wonder, if this situation is really so bad, why hasn’t my doctor told me, my friends, my sister, my daughter? Turns out, only 1 in 15 doctors has been trained in the science of toxic chemicals, and only 1 in 5 say they talk to you about it. It’s just not top of their list—yet. But, it’s top of ours.

All the tips and recommendations you find on come from the most credible research centers in the United States including University of California San Francisco Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment and Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center.

SafetyNEST Science was created by Alexandra Destler, a mom of two who was struck by how hard it was to reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals – even in her own home. Interested in learning about more, from Alexandra and the team?