Partners for Youth Empowerment

Partners for Youth Empowerment’s (PYE) mission is to unleash the creative potential of young people. For 25 years, guided by this mission, PYE has been working to shift the field of youth work to respond to the deeper needs of young people for meaning, purpose, creativity, and connection. We do this by training individuals, schools, and organizations in our Creative Empowerment Model, a unique combination of experiential education, group facilitation, and the arts, which together foster key life skills that help youth thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our Creative Empowerment Model

All PYE programming is based on the Creative Empowerment Model (CEM); it is what sets us apart from other facilitation training programs. The CEM combines EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING, GROUP FACILITATION and ARTS-BASED PRACTICE into a framework for designing and leading transformative programs for youth and adults. Through program activities, participants develop self-confidence, motivation, social and emotional competence, and leadership – proven predictors of well-being. The resulting EMPOWERMENT provides participants the ability to imagine the life one wants to lead and to impact the world around them and change their environments.

Video embed: Creative Empowerment: shift what is possible