We believe that law can be a healing profession, and that lawyers can be peacemakers. At the Integrative Law Institute (ILI), our mission is to bring insights and tools to lawyers so that they have what they need to return the practice of law to this original purpose: helping people reach resolution that heals the conflict. Drawing on and applying recent discoveries in the biological and social sciences, we provide educational programs that are grounded in the idea that conflict can best be understood as a manifestation of a dysfunctional human system—rather than as a problem that can be resolved through the clash of conflicting legal rights and entitlements.

ILI was founded and is directed by Pauline H. Tesler, a pioneer in interdisciplinary collaborative legal practice. She received the first “Lawyer as Problem Solver” award from the American Bar Association in 2002 and authored the critically acclaimed practice manual for lawyers, Collaborative Law: Achieving Effective Resolution in Divorce Without Litigation. Now, through ILI, she is bringing the message of integrative law beyond family law to the broader legal community worldwide.