Training Programs

Advanced Cancer Support Training Program

September 23-28, 2014
Commonweal Retreat Center, Bolinas California
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This training is the next in a series of trainings designed for health and healing professionals and others who wish to support those dealing with cancer and other life-threatening and/or chronic illness. The curriculum includes:

  • Cancer physiology and cell pathology (What is cancer?): An introduction to some of the physical realities of dealing with cancer, impacts and side-effects of many common treatments, and contra-indications.
  • Living with Cancer: The realities of living with cancer and how to best support those with cancer in your lives and in your community.
  • Adapting the tools of YogaSpecific modifications and adaptations of many of the tools of yoga in support of healing for those facing a cancer diagnosis, including asana postures, breathing practices, meditation, stress-reduction and relaxation techniques.
  • Healing CirclesAn introduction to (and experience of) supportive healing practices and exercises including healing circles, sacred objects, creating sacred and safe spaces, expressive movement, the expressive arts and their application and use in small group settings.
  • Nutrition and Healing Foods: An introduction to supportive and healthful eating habits, common and easy “anti-cancer” foods and spices, and the importance of feeling nourished in both body and soul.
  • Group ProcessPractical and experiential exercises for facilitating a safe, supportive group process to explore and express authentic feelings.
  • Intentional Healingbased on Michael Lerner’s “little book” of the same name, this session will explore the four pillars of integrative healing and implementing an integrated approach to health care. I
  • Pain and Suffering/Death and DyingAn introduction to resources, research, and insights for support on each of these topics.
  • Ongoing support, community, and mentorship: We are working on developing a series of webinars as part of our follow-up support and ongoing mentoring for participants in addition to online resources.

We have a rich curriculum planned with a first-rate staff and we look forward to sharing the week with you.

Registration and Tuition

We are pleased to announce that our streamlined application, registration and payment process is now available on-line.  If you have not already submitted your application with partial or full payment, please register on-line here.

Tuition for the workshop is $1,875, which includes room and board and delicious and nutritious organic meals. To have a reserved space in our Advanced Cancer Support Training, we request that you complete an application and reservation form on line before September 10 with your non-refundable deposit of $1,000. The balance of $875 must be received before the start of the program unless alternative arrangements have been made.  After you made your initial payment, you will receive information on how to make your final payment.

After registering and before the Advanced Cancer Support Training, you will receive information on logistics, directions, schedule and what to bring.

We are here to be helpful.  If you have any questions about the program, process or payments, please contact our program coordinator Shelia Opperman, 925.324.3076.