Founded in 2006, the Healing Yoga Foundation is committed to serving all who wish to benefit from yoga by respecting and meeting the needs of the individual regardless of physical capability, health, background, age, experience, or financial means.

We are modeled after the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM), a successful Yoga Therapy Clinic, Yoga School, and Center for Yoga-related research and educational programs in Chennai, India. TKV Desikachar founded the KYM as a public, charitable trust in 1976, in honor of his father and teacher, the renowned Yoga master, T. Krishnamacharya.

Empowering the Individual

In our work, we hope to empower you as a student of yoga. By deciding to commit to a personal yoga practice, you become an active participant in the healing process. Our role, as teacher, is to understand your needs, design and teach you appropriate practices that are both healing and motivating, and review the practices as your needs and goals change. The most successful students take these practices and make it a personal habit. In this way, healing comes from within the student, rather than from an outside source. We believe that when students are engaged in their own healing process instead of being a passive recipient of treatment, there is even greater potential for healing to happen—and for you to retain the benefits and the good habits learned for the long term.

Highly Trained Staff

All of our teachers have undergone rigorous training to use all the tools of yoga competently, effectively, and in the appropriate manner. Teachers are specifically trained and tested in the holistic model of yoga, including observation skills, modification, appropriate sequencing of postures, and therapeutic application. In addition to internships, our training emphasizes the importance of personal practice and an ongoing relationship with a mentor. Currently, we know of no other yoga teacher or therapist training programs in the United States that offer this kind of in-depth training and professional support.