In the ongoing tsunami of scientific, economic, political, social, cultural, environmental, technological and simply human developments around the pandemic, we need ways to interpret and understand the significance of one of the greatest evolving disruptors of our time: COVID-19.

COVID-19 is just one dimension of the global polycrisis. Two dozen social, environmental, technological, and economic-financial vectors are transforming the world. They are interacting unpredictably and with increasing force. They are creating future shocks that often find us unprepared to respond. We need to understand COVID-19 as one element in the global polycrisis, not as the stand-alone transformative. Like COVID-19, the global polycrisis won’t go away. We have no choice but to learn to live with it.

COVIDStrategies is a website and learning community devoted to the long-term lessons of COVID as they relate to the global polycrisis. Building resilience to the polycrisis is the heart of Commonweal’s work with the Resilience Project and the OMEGA Resilience Funders Network. COVIDStrategies takes this one step further with a selective look at the pandemic. Core topics include integrative therapies for COVID, especially for long-haulers; repurposed drugs; controversies such as the one surrounding ivermectin; and analysis of the social, political, and financial context.

On our website, you can find featured commentary, science and news updates, and a searchable resource library database packed with information on integrative prevention, treatment and recovery.

Image: Unsplash, Tabitha Turner