Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.
–Fannie Lou Hamer

Launched in 2021, the Center for Healing and Liberation is a home for transformative work. Within a community of belonging, we cultivate our individual and collective liberation. We do this through a range of initiatives, events, practices, actions and community networks. 

We are all related, and our futures are connected. To dismantle oppressive systems and transform culture, we need analysis and strategy, love and resilience, tools and skills, healing community, and a clear vision of a sustainable human story. The Center offers refuge, resources, and nourishment for change makers. Our initiatives serve those who are dedicated to taking action for racial, gender, environmental, and economic justice. 

The Center has a strong focus on supporting Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). This includes programs built around healing practices and explorations that offer clarity, discovery, release and deep rest. Sometimes it is helpful to cultivate healing within similar-identity cohorts while at the same time holding the collective. 

Through powerful practices, BIPOC folks free our capacity to navigate lived truths and the multigenerational histories we carry in our bodies. We uncover new spaciousness and freedom within our direct somatic experience. This is an invaluable resource in our intersectional lives and in our work for change.     

Representative activities include:  

  • Gatherings of leaders centering community, spirit, and service. 
  • Realization Process meditation practices that help us examine somatically based holding patterns that sustain the illusion of separateness. As we release those patterns, we connect to the ground of being.
  • BIPOC-specific events, gatherings, and healing practices to support BIPOC wellness, healing, and deep rest. 
  • Undoing Racism in the Body. An experiential approach to releasing somatic patterns and embodying being an anti-racist.