CancerChoices provides independent, science-backed, free resources to help people with cancer, caregivers, and healthcare professionals understand choices in integrating conventional care, complementary care, and self care to improve cancer outcomes.

The website synthesizes the research on complementary therapies and provides digital handbooks on a wide range of topics, including eating well and side effect and symptom management. Support to find healing and meaning within the cancer experience is at the heart of CancerChoices.

In 2022, researchers from the National Cancer Institute published a review of websites that evaluate complementary cancer therapies and gave Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies, or BCCT, (the precursor website of their highest rating for quality and trustworthiness. has since made quantum improvements over BCCT.

Launched in 2022, is grounded in over 30 years of direct support for people with cancer. The work grew out of Michael Lerner’s ground-breaking book, Choices in Healing, lauded by both scientific journals and patients for its compassion and objectivity. It is also grounded in decades of experience in the Commonweal Cancer Help Program retreats as well as Healing Circles Global, Sanctuary, The New School, and our previous website, Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies.