The Center for Creative Community (C3) is an umbrella for a number of Commonweal projects that explore the intersection of dialogue, cognition, creativity, and community. Through work in different communities, C3 seeks to deepen our exploration of complex issues in our world—issues that most Commonweal programs confront daily. C3 programs include the Power of Hope Youth Camp, the Creative Facilitation Training Series, Commonweal’s Fall Gathering, and the Ecology of Awakening program.

Power of Hope Youth Camp: The Power of Hope summer camp at Commonweal builds a new way of being for youth 14-18 years old—breaking down barriers between difference, encouraging creativity, developing leadership, and teaching how to listen to each other—skills and new ways of being in community that every teenager will take home with them.

Creative Facilitation Training Series: A powerful training series for anyone who leads groups: youth workers, teachers, facilitators, community and business leaders, artists, or organizers, this facilitation series helps build and harness the incredible power of creativity to transform programs, classrooms, or workplaces.

Commonweal Fall Gathering: The Gatherings are invitational leadership conferences imbued with a heartfelt sense of community, spirit, and service. The first three Gatherings at Commonweal were extraordinary successful, bringing together diverse thought and action leaders in a convergence of creativity, reflection, music, movement, and joy. The Fall Gathering builds on the method and tradition created by Rick Ingrasci and Peggy Taylor over 25 years of Summer Gatherings at Hollyhock Conference Center on Cortes Island in British Columbia. A few years ago they added a Winter Gathering at the Whidbey Institute on Whidbey Island north of Seattle, where they live.

Ecology of AwakeningEcology of Awakening programs are designed to support a shift in consciousness: out of a sense of being a separate self, living on the Earth which is solely here as our resource, into a lived experience of being an inherent part of the larger unfolding that brought us forth. Our programs are for leaders and emerging leaders, including all those who sense a deeper freedom in awakening to their essential nature and are called to creating a more resilient future for themselves and their communities.

Commonweal Fall Gathering 2016 from Tejas Doshi on Vimeo.