Projects and Publications

Biomonitoring Projects

Work done in partnership with health advocacy groups—to raise public awareness about toxic chemical body burden.

  • Biomonitoring projects in partnership with health advocacy groups to raise public awareness about toxic chemical body (download PDF)
  • Is It In Us? Chemical Contamination in Our Bodies (download PDF)
  • Earliest Exposures: A Research Project by Washington Toxics Coalition (download PDF)
  • Mind, Disrupted: How Toxic Chemicals May Change How We Think and Who We Are (download PDF)
  • When the Wind Blows: Tracking Toxic Chemicals in Gas Fields and Impacted Communities (download PDF)
  • Pesticides in Our Air and In Our Bodies: Ten Case Studies (download PDF)

Biomonitoring Publications

Authored or co-authored by Sharyle Patton.

  • Endocrine-Disrupting Activities and Organic Contaminants Associated with Oil and Gas Operations in Wyoming Groundwater (April 2018) (find article here)
  • Organophosphate flame retardants in dust collected from United States fire stations (Elsevier 2017) (download PDF)
  • Direct Measurement of Perchlorate Exposure Biomarkers in a Highly Exposed Population: A Pilot Study (PLoS ONE March 2011) (download PDF)
  • When Pollution Is Personal: Handbook for Reporting Results to Participants in Biomonitoring and Personal Exposure Studies (Silent Spring Institute 2013) (download PDF)
  • Monitoring Mother Earth by Monitoring Mothers’ Milk (Commonweal 2009) (download PDF)