Olaitan Callender-Scott: Threads of Time



November 2, 2023

Arts and Creativity

November 01, 2023 - January 02, 2024

Artist Reception Saturday, November 11, 3-5pm (no RSVP necessary)

I make things—art—because it helps me know that I exist in the world. I am a fiber artist at heart, creating as an act of the spirit.

By nature I am inquisitive. I collect and use the information and items I accumulate to create my art.

When I stitch fabrics together, dye, paint, transfer images, build sculptures, photograph, draw, write, or any of the many other activities that call to me, I am learning about my life and what matters to me.

In this collection I share many of the works I’ve made over the years. As a patchwork quilt can be composed of different fabrics, patterns, and colors, my art-life is an assemblage of moments, connections, and explorations that shape my identity.

Through this exhibit I hope you will find connections your own life journey.

About the Artist

Olaitan Valerie Callender-Scott            

Olaitan Valerie is an Oakland, California-based artist and writer who works in fiber and mixed-media in traditional and non-traditional formats including photography, found objects, printmaking, encaustic, and drawing. She received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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