Cynthia Fletcher: Life's Force


February 19, 2024

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April 7 - June 26 in Gallery Commonweal

Artist Reception: April 7 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Coming to Gallery Commonweal in April!


Using traditional technique I develop my oil paintings in series that tell a story or express my feelings about an event or concept. The two series shown at Commonweal grew out of my deep concern for the health and future for our planet. 

The first series, “Building the Next Generation,” grew out of my son’s step into parenthood. His decision reminded me that every form of life is constantly in the act of creating its next generation. Clearly visible in plants, the cycle of flower, fruit, seed, and seedling makes clear nature’s powerful drive to perpetuate life.

“Resilience,” the second series, was born when I noticed a seedling pushing up through bricks. It illustrated to me the drive of life to go forward whether it is nurtured or not, making the most of what is available. The images in this series depict the adaptability and countless adjustments plants make in order to grow. The environment doesn’t have to be perfect, the force of life works toward growth and the perpetuation of the species.

Our widening awareness of the extent of damage we have done to our one and only planet takes me to a dark place. When overwhelmed it is hard to be constructive, so I took note of the message I found in plant life. Every living thing faces challenge and must adjust and adapt. Each of these images are a story of success in the face of challenge. I find them powerfully positive on a personal as well as a planetary level.

Cynthia Fletcher is a third-generation artist who learned to process her life experience through drawing, printmaking, and painting. A former graphic artist and Art Director of magazines, she now is a full time studio artist focused on oil painting. She has shown locally and internationally, was elected to a year-long residency and sits on the Board of Directors of an organization that fosters art education and supports professional artists. Art is at the center of her life.


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