2021 Year-End Report


December 22, 2021


Dear Commonweal Friends:

Greetings at mid-winter. This week, we offer you our Commonweal Year-End Report. The Year-End Report highlights some of the impactful work done by our programs this year, serving many thousands of people in our program communities in the areas of health and healing, education and the arts, and environment and justice.

This year, highlights include:

  • News from the Commonweal Cancer Help Program and its virtual sister program, Sanctuary. 
  • A report on the growth and reach of our Healing Circles programs, and the latest expansion offshoot program for healthcare workers.
  • An article about the incredible social justice work being done by our growing number of fiscally sponsored programs.
  • An announcement about the new Racial Healing Initiative--a collaboration between Commonweal's Center for Healing and Liberation and the Retreat Center Collaboration.
  • An update on some of our program work around resilience and the polycrisis.
  • News from the Commonweal site: a peek at some of the work done here this year to make our site more resilient.

You can find the publication on our e-reader website, where you can download the pdf, zoom into pages for larger font sizes, search for words or articles, or flip back and forth through the pages.

Commonweal programs and staff are working hard, doing incredible work, and reaching so many. Our Year-End Report can only highlight a few of these outstanding projects, but you can subscribe to our monthly eNews to hear more about what our programs and staff are doing through the year.

Sending many warm regards for a light-filled solstice, beautiful Christmas, and bright new year,

Kyra Epstein | Commonweal Communications
Oren Slozberg | Executive Director

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