Commonweal is delighted to announce Oren Slozberg’s appointment as executive director. Oren has served as chief strategies officer at Commonweal since 2013. Previous to that he was executive director of Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), an international organization that builds community and cognitive abilities through the arts. Now a Commonweal program, VTS has reached more than 1,000,000 people working with schools and museums in the United States and internationally.

“We’re delighted that Oren has taken on this new leadership assignment,” said Michael Lerner, president and co-founder of Commonweal. “Our work is about healing people and healing the earth. Oren has demonstrated his leadership abilities. We’re confident he will guide Commonweal wisely.”

Michael co-founded Commonweal in 1976. He will remain president and continue to focus on Commonweal oversight and on his programs at Commonweal.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve Commonweal,” Oren said. “I have a passion for our youth work and our service to more diverse communities. I also have a passion for all our work. Commonweal is a special place. Our work is needed more than ever in these times.”


Founded in 1976, Commonweal is based in Bolinas, California. It is home to a dozen programs in health and healing, education and the arts, and environment and justice. Find out more about Commonweal on our website or contact Kyra Epstein, communications manager, at 415-868-0970.