Gifts of Securities and Other Appreciated Assets

Donor Benefits:
Current income tax deduction
No capital gains taxes

A gift of appreciated securities is a popular alternative to a cash gift because it actually saves taxes twice. You receive an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of your securities (if you’ve held them for more than one year) and you also save the capital gain tax on the appreciation. Appreciated securities can be given at any time of the year; but you should work with your tax advisor to ensure the maximum benefit. Stock shares can be transferred electronically directly from your account to Commonweal.

Donor Intent

The donor or the transferring broker must provide the following information, for audit and acknowledgement purposes:

  • Donor’s name and complete address
  • Name and number of securities transferred
  • Broker’s name and phone number
  • Approximate dollar value of gift, and methodology used for valuation.