Charitable Remainder Trust

Donor Benefits:

An income stream for life for you, a spouse or someone you designate
An immediate tax deduction at the time the trust is created
Removal of assets from your estate, which may reduce estate taxes

A charitable remainder trust is a singular opportunity for a donor, as it will have two beneficiaries: Commonweal, and you and your family. For many years, people have been using charitable remainder trusts to assist them in their personal, financial, tax, and philanthropic planning. Your tax-exempt trust will work for you and provide for Commonweal’s future while satisfying personal, philanthropic, and family financial needs.

A charitable remainder trust is an arrangement in which you irrevocably place money or property with a trustee, such as Commonweal, with instructions to pay income to you or other chosen beneficiaries, generally for life. The income is a fixed amount or a fixed percentage of the trust’s value. When all persons receiving the income die, the property remaining, the “remainder,” passes to Commonweal.

Charitable remainder trusts may be accepted by Commonweal, with the approval of Commonweal’s Board of Directors.