Susan Grelock-Yusem, PhD 

Director Narrative Development

Susan Grelock-Yusem is a storyteller, baker, weaver, maker, and writer who enjoys foraging on daily woodland walks.

Susan is helping us explore stories of Commonweal—past, present, and future.

Susan directs communications strategy for Omega, CancerChoices, and the Commonweal and Founder Archives. She advises on communications strategy for Gift of Compassion, the Collaborative on Health and Environment, Healing Circles Global, and Commonweal.

Her own creative space is her Unexpected Kitchen project where she explores how making and sharing food connects us with each other and Earth.

Susan built and led creative communications and marketing teams at values-driven organizations, including Whole Foods Market, a leading conservation nonprofit in the Pacific Northwest, and Patagonia’s start-up regenerative organic food division.

Susan’s PhD from Pacifica is in-depth psychology with a focus in community, liberation, and eco-psychologies. Her dissertation explored interspecies communication with wolves in the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor and the role of the arts in narrative repair.