Rahmin Sarabi

Co-Director, Democracy Together

Rahmin is dedicated to creating a world that supports the thriving of all life. He brings a human-centered approach and systemic orientation to his work, with a background in mission-driven consumer startups and the non-profit sector. His roles span product management, design research, and people operations leadership. He is currently focused on supporting systemic impact through client projects that include the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with additional research interests in deliberative democracy and collective intelligence processes to help groups of people wisely address challenges at the community to national scale.

Rahmin was part of the early team at Good Eggs where, through human-centered design methods, they discovered how they could create a consumer business that grew and sustained local food systems. He also was the Head of People & Culture at Opendoor, exploring how culture, operational systems, and leadership can adapt during hypergrowth so its people and the organization continue to thrive. Rahmin has a BS in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering from Duke University.