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Beth Setrakian

Board of Directors
Beth is a pastry chef, entrepreneur, and the owner and executive chef of Beth's Kitchen for more than 20 years. A 17-year resident of Bolinas, Beth has served on Commonweal's board of directors since 2006.
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Burr Heneman

Director, Living Resource Enterprises
Burr is a co-founder of Commonweal, the director of the former Commonweal Oceans Program, and current director of Commonweal's Living Resource Enterprises. He has been a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation since 1999.

Catherine Dodd

Board of Directors
Catherine has worked in the areas of health policy and politics for more than 25 years, working for Mayor Newsom in San Francisco, President Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. She has served on the board for the Zen Hospice Project, assisting terminally ill people and their families.

David Steinhart

Director, Juvenile Justice Program
David is a California attorney and a recognized state and national expert on juvenile justice law and program development. He was the principal draftsman of California laws removing children from adult jails, including a pivotal role helping state leaders design California’s landmark 2007 realignment law.

Deborah Cohan

Director, Foundation of Embodied Medicine
Deborah is a loving mother, joyous dancer, compassionate physician, and subtly mischievous rabble-rouser spreading the messages of joy, interconnectedness, and love. She founded Foundation for Embodied Medicine and offers her teachings at Commonweal, ZSFG, and other venues.

Dia Penning

Coordinator, Resiliency is Our Community
Dia Penning is the coordinator for Commonweal's Resiliency is Our Community (ROC) program. As a connector of many disparate things, she supports deep conversation and reflection for sustained systems change. She has a background in social justice, arts education, and yoga.