Ladybird Morgan

Ladybird Morgan, RN, MSW, executive director and co-founder of the Humane Prison Hospice Project (whose goal is to make prisoner-provided hospice services available in California’s 33 prisons), has been working in end-of-life care and on the frontlines of sexual violence as a registered nurse, clinical social worker, and educator for 20+ years. She has worked with many organizations including The Zen Hospice Project, Hospice By The Bay, Marin General Hospital and Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Ladybird has guided medical practitioners, families and private caregivers, as well as directors of programs and institutions around the world on how to be present to experiences that may be hard to hear or bear witness to.

She also co-facilitates a circle for high-level offenders at Avenal Prison through the transformative program—Guiding Rage Into Power—GRIP.  Aside from her executive duties for Humane Prison Hospice Project (speaking on panels, presenting at various end of life events, general advocacy), Ladybird has been going into San Quentin prison weekly, leading Compassionate Care at End of Life training for the prisoner-formed Brothers Keepers group as well as co-facilitating the Brothers Keepers’ crisis counseling program with ongoing training and consulting.

At Commonweal, Ladybird supports the work of various projects including the Cancer Help Program and Healing Circles.