Turning Toward

Digital Ritual Space to Hold, Honor, Grieve, Love, and Bless

Saturday, June 6, Commonweal helped to host two digital ceremonies that were designed to create a container for the hurt, confusion, and anger that has surfaced after the killing of George Floyd and the long months of sheltering in place due to the pandemic.

The ritual, co-presented with ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation, and Commonweal’s Humane Prison Hospice Project and Gift of Compassion program, featured morning and evening ceremonies, with suggested interaction in between. The morning ceremony featured Orland Bishop and Angela Oh, and the evening ceremony featured Ladybird Morgan and Angela Oh. Both ceremonies offered healing music from Jami Sieber (electric cello) and Agu (singing bowls). More than 600 people joined us for the two ceremonies.

The recordings of these ceremonies are now online and available to watch (links to morning session and evening session videos, below). You can find out more on the Turning Toward website.