Report on Recent Justice System Reform Bills

Jan 1, 2019 / We asked Commonweal Juvenile Justice Program Director David Steinhart to review the impact of the adult and juvenile justice reform acts that were signed into national law last year. In brief? A major step forward. Here is his analysis.

Winter Commonweal News

Dec 2, 2018 / We are pleased to offer you the web version of our newly re-designed Winter 2018 Commonweal News. Find out what’s new at Commonweal.

Long Journey Home: Dream Riders 2018

Commonweal’s Gift of Compassion program is supporting the 2018 “Journey to Justice,” a bike ride by a group of Asian American young adults who have found ways to survive without legal protections. These “Dream Riders” will start in Seattle and end more than 1,700 miles later in San Diego with 33 stops along the way.

The Gift of Compassion (“GoC”) is a program of Commonweal based in Los Angeles, that offers meditation as a healing, self-care practice. GoC is supporting the Dream Riders, in both material and non-material ways. We’ve helped find financing and supported networking to identify resources along the planned ride route. The first level of public education has been underway for months.

Summer Commonweal News Is Out!

In this issue, find updates and news from our core work in healing and the 200th week-long Commonweal Cancer Help Program, from Commonweal Garden, from the Commonweal Juvenile Justice Program, and from Commonweal Collaborative on Health and the Environment program. 

Spring Letter from Michael

Michael Lerner’s Spring Letter: We live in unimaginable times. The forces working against freedom and the earth are global: climate change, war, terrorism, authoritarianism, and more. I return to the global challenge late—first an overview of our work at Commonweal.

Power of Hope Youth Camp Needs Your Help!

 You can make a difference in the life of a teenager! Commonweal Center for Creative Community’s Power of Hope youth camp is doing great work and bringing youth and vitality to Commonweal’s National Seashore land each summer. The camp is a life-changing experience for teenagers, generated through creativity and the arts. They have launched a $15,000 […]

Because Health: New CHE Website Launches

This spring, Commonweal’s Collaborative for Health and the Environment (CHE) launched a new media site called Because Health, responding to the need to communicate environmental health information to millennials in a new way. See the new website and join us at a launch party May 23.