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Commonweal’s Memorial Celebration for Jnani

Sunday, February 18, 2018
10 am to 1 pm

Commonweal Gallery (2nd floor)
451 Mesa Road, Bolinas, CA 94924



Dear Commonweal Community,

Our beloved Jnani Chapman, senior massage person and often yoga teacher in the Commonweal Cancer Help Program, died December 14 at 4:20 a.m. in an auto accident. Jnani was just with us on our 198th Cancer Help Program in early December. She was, many of you know, deeply beloved by CCHP alumni and staff. The Cancer Help Program, and Commonweal, was where she experienced her greatest sense of being at home.

jnani-news-pageI was one of many who truly loved Jnani Chapman. She had a crazy wisdom that I relied on. She knew so much about cancer—about healing, conventional therapies, integrative therapies, pain and suffering and death and dying. She was a deeply lovely and beautiful soul.

I don’t know how the universe works, but if there is life after life, I believe Jnani is dancing with the angels or the bodhisattvas or whatever you call those devoted to service on the other side.

In a previous auto accident as a young woman, Jnani had a very distinct near death experience where she exited her body and looked down on the scene. If I remember correctly she was given a choice as to whether to leave or come back. She chose to come back. This time she didn’t have a choice. So she has gone before us. I like to think she will be working for us and waiting for us. Whatever your beliefs, please join me in remembering Jnani—or sending prayers for her journey. And if she visits you, please let me know—or let us all know.

We have established the Jnani Chapman Scholarship Fund for the Cancer Help Program. We know in our bones that this is how she would want to be remembered. She accompanied so many CCHP alumni in their treatment and also walked with many into the mystery. If you wish to create a living legacy for Jnani, this is a way that will touch those who come to the Cancer Help Program in the years ahead. You can donate directly from Jnani’s donation page.

Love and prayers to each of you,