Commonweal is looking for support in integrating the new version of Fundly CRM into our operations. We expect the entire engagement to last about two months, with a concentrated time commitment on the front end and decreasing over the length the engagement.

Our objectives for this project include:

  • manage integration of Fundly into Commonweal systems
  • work with Fundly to integrate new features such as chapters
  • work with CW programs to set up chapters (up to 4 chapters)
  • finalize data cleaning and import
  • set up report templates
  • set up event templates with custom data sets
  • run tests and trouble shoot issues with Fundly
  • develop written process of database use
  • train Commonweal staff to use the system

The potential consultant will ideally have experience in working with Non-Profit Easy or Fundly, or alternatively have experience in integrating the use of a new database in a non-profit setting. Part of this engagement will be on site at Commonweal in Bolinas.

Please contact Oren Slozberg at with a basic description of your experience and services.