Healing Circles Leadership Training Begins in April

March 1, 2019

We’re accepting applications for our new training seminars in Healing Circles methods and practice. Our goal is to train people motivated to lead Healing Circles work.

Healing Circles is a global learning community dedicated to enabling people to lead deep  group work in their own homes, communities, and organizations. Healing Circles began 5 years ago as a collaboration among four centers that have offered residential circle work for at least 20 years based on the model of the Commonweal Cancer Help Program.

Healing Circles includes both residential and non-residential circle work including peer-led circles. We are a small international network with thriving centers in the US, Canada, and Jerusalem and with nascent centers around the world.

The core tenets and elements of Healing Circles include (in various forms):

  • The practice of silence.
  • The practice of presence and deep listening.
  • The agreements that shape Healing Circles.
  • The varieties of powerful circle work in different traditions.
  • The necessity of ongoing work on ourselves.

The trainings are largely experiential and will include work in groups of 2, 4, and 8. Discussion of the Healing Circles Training Manual and how to use it will provide support. You can explore our work on our website.

We will offer four trainings this year by invitation and application. We plan to continue next year with four more trainings.

The scheduled dates for this year are:

Tuesday, April 23:  Introduction to Healing Circle Work
Wednesday, June 19:  Deepening Healing Circles Work
Friday, September 20:  Working with Grief and Grief Ritual
Friday, November 15:  The Heart of Healing: Self Work for Circle Work

Find out more on our events page.