COVID-19 Resources

Commonweal remains open. We are greatly increasing our online offerings and are exploring ways to meet safely face-to-face as well.

Everyone here wants to help. We are collecting a growing list of resources from our various programs to help us all during this time. Check back here, where we will continue to update the list.

Michael Lerner’s blog posts
Resilience: Living Beyond Fear with the Coronavirus
Love in the Pandemic of Loneliness
What Matters Now?

From the Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies website: a list of resources for cancer patients and the rest of us regarding COVID-19. This list includes a free e-book by Commonweal friend Cynthia Li, MD: How to Shield Yourself against COVID-19: Science-Based, Integrative Medicine Strategies for a Once-in-a-Century Pandemic.

From Commonweal Collaborative on Health and the Environment’s Because Health program: A Complete Guide to Non-Toxic Cleaning and Disinfecting During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

From Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine at Commonweal Garden: Dr. Anna O’Malley, integrative physician and director offers a video and integrative care recommendations during this time of coronavirus. (

From The New School at Commonweal: Soul satisfying content for sheltering in place—playlists curated by topic that satisfy the intellect, bring beauty to the soul, and tackle the hard conversations. (

From Commonweal Healing Yoga Foundation Director Kate Holcombe: Healing yoga support and practices. (

From Commonweal Cancer Help Program‘s Rebecca Katz: Stay Home and Make Soup—an online course for making clean soups. (

From Commonweal’s Visual Thinking Strategies program: continuing art education and cultural fun for you and your family through weekly Look Club Online offerings on Thursdays through May. Join people from all over the world, looking at visual art and finding meaning through community insights. (

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