Biomonitoring Study Shows Organic Diets Reduce Pesticides Exposures

February 20, 2019

All of us are exposed to a cocktail of toxic synthetic pesticides linked to a range of health impacts from our daily diets. Certified organic food is produced without these pesticides. But can eating organic really reduce levels of pesticides in our bodies?

In this peer-reviewed study, co-authored by Commonweal Biomonitoring Resource Center Director Sharyle Patton, pesticide levels in the bodies of four American families were monitored for six days on a non-organic diet and six days on a completely organic diet. Results proved that eating organic works.

An organic diet rapidly and dramatically reduced exposure to pesticides in just one week. Levels of all detected chemicals dropped an average of 60.5 percent with a range of 37 percent to 95 percent depending on the compound. Watch the video by Organic for All, below, for more information.

The study has also been widely reported in the Guardian and other media outlets.

Find the report HERE.