Summer Commonweal News

We are pleased to offer you the web version of our Summer 2019 Commonweal News. In addition to letters from President Michael Lerner and Executive Director Oren Slozberg, you will find in this issue:

  • Can the Universe Story Bring Us Together?—an update from The New School at Commonweal about a conversation with Mary Evelyn Tucker and Michael Lerner.
  • Honoring Sharyle Patton—an article and story about Sharyle Patton, founder and director of the Commonweal Biomonitoring Resource Center, who recently received a cherished White Helmet Award from the San Francisco Fire Department Cancer Prevention Foundation.
  • Loving Connection Is Healing—news and images from the Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine at Commonweal Garden.
  • How Then Shall We Live? Meditations on Resilience—an article about the new work Commonweal is doing with the Resilience Project.
  • Photos highlighting the new renovations at our beloved Pacific House, part of our Retreat Center.
  • Changing Integrative Cancer Care—an update about our Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies website, an in-depth clearinghouse of information and resources for integrative cancer care.

Click HERE to get to our publication site. There, you can make the pages as large or small as you like as you flip through pages, or download the publication to use in your own reader.

We are deeply grateful for your interest and support. For more information about all of our programs, we invite you to visit our website.