Commonweal’s Winter News is out! In it, we feature some of our work in the fields of environment and justice, work that has been the foundation of Commonweal’s mission for 40 years. In this edition, find out more about:

  • Two new programs: the Gift of Compassion program and SafetyNEST. Gift of Compassion, co-founded and directed by Ying Ming Tu (Tu2) and Angela Oh, brings support to under-served and under-resourced youth and adults, integrating ancient practices, such as meditation, with current conditions to help bring clarity and healing. SafetyNEST’s goal is to transform prenatal care for healthier babies by reducing diseases linked to toxic chemical exposure, bringing healthcare workers and pregnant mothers science-based information via the web, mobile devices, and printed resources.
  • Updates on our long-time environment and justice programs: programs like the Juvenile Justice Program, the Biomonitoring Resource Center, the Collaborative on Health and the Environment, and QuickStart continue to make far-reaching and steady progress in the work they do.

Read all the news in our Winter issue here.