Fiscally Sponsored Programs

Commonweal fiscally sponsors programs that do great work in the areas we champion. Currently, our fiscally sponsored programs include:

California Nurses for Environmental Health and Justice works to educate, inspire, and engage the nursing community in California to integrate environmental health into nursing education, practice, research, and policy/advocacy.

Center for Dying and Living was founded to reclaim illness, disability, and death as natural parts of the human experience. We offer live discussions on topics related to coping with serious illness, disability and end of life.

Center for Ethical Land Transition supports the land justice movement with education, real estate training and alternative land transitions rooted in BIPOC solidarity, land centric orientation, and innovating how land is legally and cooperatively stewarded.

Kids and Caregivers has a mission to compassionately support, educate, and empower caregivers of extraordinary children living with chronic, complex health conditions. We educate to empower, support through sharing, and offer online and face-to-face workshops, mentoring, toolkits, education, training, and peer-based and professional support activities.

Kinship Blooms offers refuge, inspiration, and training to visionary organizations, communities, and change networks during this intense time of transition and transformation. We offer leadership development; equity and inclusion; communities of practice; convenings; and empathy and bridging divides.

Movement Liberation directly supports BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to participate in somatic, conscious dance workshops and retreats facilitated by educators of color. Through mindfulness, embodiment practices, and connection with nature, we offer tools and principles through which people can build liberation within their bodies, regenerate their very roots and cultivate wellbeing and resiliency in inclusive healing spaces, within a supportive community.

The Octavia Fund resources Black women to rest, dream, and (re)imagine their lives and the future of their movements. What could be made possible if Black women had the time, space, connection, and capital we deserve? The Octavia Fund wants to discover what phenomenal futures we could live into together when Black women are rested and resourced.

Platform Impact Leaders Fellowship is a restorative guided space for mid-career nonprofit and social change leaders of color to discern, articulate, and develop their emerging vision alongside other supportive and inspiring leaders.

project SOUL works to ReFrame conversations and unlock innovative and creative problem solving. We allow organizations and individuals to build capacity in new ways and recreate structures and systems that are more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

The Retreat Center Collaboration is a community of retreat center leaders from across the United States and Canada. Rooted in common core values, community members exchange best practices, build capacity together, and foster innovation to strengthen the retreat center sector.

SafetyNEST Science was created to educate the medical community and moms-to-be about the health risks associated with exposures to toxic chemicals, particularly during vulnerable periods of development. We want every pregnant woman and her family to have easy access to clear, credible information to keep her pregnancy and her new baby healthy.

Somos El Poder is dedicated to improving and growing fundraising at Latinx focused nonprofits in our nation. We work with any Latinx focused nonprofit regardless of size or budget. We are a nonprofit and accessible provider of support, professional development, best practices, training, and more.

Syntropy uses an asset-based approach to address the question “What makes and keeps us healthy?” compared to “what makes us ill?” The program hosts a children’s gardening program, and works to develop and mentor youth “community scientists” who will help to degrade toxins found in the soil in the local neighborhoods of South Los Angeles.

West Marin Climate Action is a collaborative network of community members who have in common a deep caring for West Marin County, California, and concern about the impacts of climate change. We are a hub that brings together people and creative ideas and informs and mobilizes our community to adapt to, and help mitigate, climate impacts. We hope that through working together in partnership, our actions will increase our communities’ resilience to face climate challenges and help sustain West Marin and the Earth for future generations of all beings.

The West Marin Review features prose, poetry and art from West Marin and across the United States and beyond. Each volume features pieces on nature and history, personal stories both funny and touching, poetry from poets young and not-so-young, a musical piece, and every kind of visual art illuminating its pages.