Choices In Healing: Publication by Michael Lerner

Integrating The Best of Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Cancer

© 1994 Michael Lerner

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This book is dedicated to Jenifer Altman, Brendan O’Regan, and Max Lerner. Jenifer Altman was a participant in the Commonweal Cancer Help Program and subsequently a Senior Research Associate at Commonweal. Brendan O’Regan was Vice President for Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Max Lerner, my father, was an observer of American civilizations, and a public intellectual.

Each faced a life-threatening illness with courage. Each lived, as it happened, far beyond what others thought was the appointed time. Each was a true friend.



Paths of Hope and Ways of Healing

  • Chapter One
    On Never Giving Up Hope: Three Stories
  • Chapter Two
    Healing and Curing: The Starting Point for Informed Choice


Choice in Conventional Cancer Therapies

  • Chapter Three
    The Crucial Difference: International Variations in Conventional Cancer Therapies
  • Chapter Four
    The Debate Over Conventional Cancer Therapies
  • Chapter Five
    American Cultures of Conventional Cancer Therapy
  • Chapter Six
    Choosing Conventional Physicians, Hospitals, and Therapies


Choice in Unconventional Cancer Therapies


Mainstream Nutritional Science and the Unconventional Nutritional Cancer Therapies

  • Chapter Eleven
    What Science Says about Nutrition and Cancer: Macronutrients
  • Chapter Twelve
    Can Vitamins and Minerals Help? The Scientific View: Micronutrients
  • Chapter Thirteen
    Unconventional Nutritional Approaches to Cancer–An Overview
  • Chapter Fourteen
    The Gerson Diet–A Radical Anticancer Therapy
  • Chapter Fifteen
    Macrobiotics–A Diet and a Way of Life
  • Chapter Sixteen
    Virginia C. Livingston–Integrating Diet, Nutritional Supplements, and Immunotherapy
  • Chapter Seventeen
    Keith Block–Integrating Diet, Fitness, and Psychological Support into an Oncology Practice


Physical, Traditional, and Pharmacological Therapies

  • Chapter Eighteen
    Physical and Energetic Approaches– Exercise, Massage, Therapeutic Touch, and Chiropractic
  • Chapter Nineteen
    Traditional Chinese Medicine–A Favored Adjunctive Therapy for American Cancer Patients
  • Chapter Twenty
    Unconventional Pharmacological Therapies– An Overview
  • Chapter Twenty-one
    Stanislaw Burzynski–Antineoplastons on the Edge of Medical Credibility
  • Chapter Twenty-two
    Joseph Gold–Does Hydrazine Sulfate Prevent Weight Loss and Extend Life with Cancer?
  • Chapter Twenty-three
    Emanuel Revici–Will His Unique Therapy Ever Be Scientifically Assessed?


Living with Cancer