Angela Oh is a teacher in Commonweal’s Gift of Compassion program, a Zen Buddhist meditation teacher, attorney, and a nationally recognized leader on social and racial justice issues. Known as a clear voice of the Korean American community after the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, Angela served on President Bill Clinton’s Initiative on race and as an appointee to the Los Angeles Commission on Human Relations. Angela currently works as a mediator of disputes involving civil rights violations, and has served as a consent decree monitor for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a hearing officer in LA Police Department officer discipline proceedings, and a consultant on issues of diversity and race. She was chair of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer’s Federal Judicial Nominations Committee, Lawyer Delegate to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference, member of the Federal Magistrate Judge Selection Panel in the Central District of California. Angela has lectured across the U.S. and in China, Korea, the Middle East, Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom.