Our Vision: Promoting health through culinary medicine

Health begins with what you eat — with the foods you choose and the way you prepare them. The mission of Healing Kitchens Institute is to train healthcare practitioners and patients in culinary medicine — using food and culinary tradition to reduce chronic diseases and promote health. Our approach blends the expertise of chefs with that of physicians, and the wisdom of traditional diets with evidence-based medical and nutrition practices.

Why do we need culinary medicine?

The leading causes of chronic disease, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers, are diet-related. In fact, poor diet is the single greatest contributor to premature death in the United States. This makes the daily act of choosing and preparing foods a critical skill in preventing disease and promoting health. It means that food — and cooking — are a primary medicine. We can reverse the downward trends in our national health and improve patient outcomes through culinary medicine — by breathing life back into our food cultures and reviving healthy, home cooking.

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