A Learning Community for People with Cancer and Those Who Care for Them

What is healing? We have explored this question throughout 30 years of facilitating the Commonweal Cancer Help Program, decades of work in The Institute for Health and Illness, and in the Healing Kitchens Institute and the Healing Yoga Foundation—all Commonweal programs.

Healing Circles was born out of the desire to expand the circle of conversation to a larger group of patients and caregivers, serving more people and empowering others to serve as well. Our goal is to provide training, resources, conversation, and community that address four needs of people with cancer:

  • Finding meaning and community in life with cancer
  • Strengthening health and healing practices
  • Navigating medical and integrative cancer therapies
  • Facing suffering, death and dying.

An emerging exploration, we are currently offering a continuing series of face-to-face educational training programs, many of which are then available via podcast or video. The Healing Circles program is led through a collaboration of with Healing Cirlces Langley, Washington, and Healing Cirlces Houston, Texas. The Healing Circle network includes partners thorough out the world including Harmony Hill, Washington; Smith Center, Washington, DC; Callanish in Vancouver, Canada.

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD: Basics of Discovery Model Learning (part 1) from The New School at Commonweal on Vimeo.

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