The Commonweal Cancer Help Program (CCHP) is a week-long retreat for people with cancer. Our goal is to help participants live better and, where possible, longer lives. CCHP addresses the unmet needs of people with cancer. These include finding balanced information on choices in healing, mainstream, and complementary therapies; exploring emotional and spiritual dimensions of cancer; discovering that illness can sometimes lead to a richer and fuller life; and experiencing genuine community with others facing a cancer diagnosis.

CCHP offers an integrated program of healing that includes daily group support sessions led by a psychotherapist, massage, yoga, meditation, deep relaxation, imagery work, symbolic learning through sandtray, poetry, exploration of sacred space, and a gourmet, primarily vegetarian diet. Evening sessions, led by Commonweal co-founder Michael Lerner, explore choices in healing, mainstream therapies, integrative therapies, pain and suffering, and death and dying.

Widely considered the premier program of its kind in the United States, CCHP draws participants from across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

After offering more than 200 retreats over three decades, we have learned that the program often has beneficial effects on anxiety, fear, loneliness, helplessness, and other similar states that can accompany cancer. Many participants come to CCHP with questions about next steps in treatment or in living with a serious cancer diagnosis.

In 2020, we began offering online Cancer Help Program opportunities, which we call Sanctuary. Contact Waz Thomas, our intake coordinator, to find out about our offerings.

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Listen to one of the Cancer Help Program-related conversations held by The New School at Commonweal—a conversation between Commonweal Founder Michael Lerner and Psychotherapist Francis Weller, both staff at the CCHP.